He was born in 1930 in Tire, Izmir. He had graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of architecture as architect-engineer in 1962. During 1963-1964, he worked as site architect at the construction of Buyuk Ankara Hotel. He was the founder and partner of Kent Architecture Ltd. Co. from 1964 till 1966. In the same year, he established Oncuoglu Architecture Ltd. Co. as the founder and manager. He designed hundreds of projects in Turkey and abroad. He was mainly specialized in the design of hospitals, educational buildings, hotels and administrative buildings. During his professional career, he gained seven 1st prizes, two 2nd prizes, one 3rd prize and totally 28 prizes in the national architectural competitions. He passed away on 22 November 1996 by the cause of a sudden heart attack. He was married as has two sons.

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